Wednesday, June 16, 2004

went to make trophies with the rest todae.. now i'm going around begging ppl to help me do the photoshop work.. and we took a pathetic pic of yineng cuz photos of her are LIMITED. so if it sucks, please dun blame us. hahaha. ya then i went for scaling at the dentist. so fun ok! i feel clean! muahahah. ok that's bout all.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

it's 10.14 now. i'm so sleepy but i cant sleeP in peace. oh my goodness. and i'm wasting my smses like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! muahahah. well it turns out that coro has NO trophy shop. hahahah. ya so now mummy is calling her friend to ask where another trophy shop is. yay! harharharh. hope we can make them in time. and whoever is reading this, friday's farewell party is postponed to sunday ok.

7:14 PM


oh man. i ate a worm. i'm damn damn damn disgusted. super super super sick!!!!!!!! oh my goodness. the only other time that i had an encounter with a worm was dunno how many donkey years ago when i saw a caterpillar in my noodles. but no, i dint eat it. BUT I ATE A WORM TODAY!

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Monday, June 14, 2004


6:20 AM


Sunday, June 13, 2004

it's aleady 5 plus now and we feel it's still 12 noon. and that's becuz we woke up at 3pm. hahahahh. we slept at 7am. goodness. and we were playing mastermind cum watching some spelling bee at 6.30am. and we just had our "breakfast" and dinner will be in an hour's time. yay.

2:27 AM


Saturday, June 12, 2004

yay i'm online cuz eliz'z wonderful younger sis let me use her comp!! hahahah! anywae we are at eliz house now. we moved from my house to hers. so fun right. yups then we rented vcds again. this time it's monalisa smile, old school(porn) and bruce almighty. it's not that porn larh. heehee. then i wanted to rent some hindu show. but they dun want. anywae, joanna has a admirer. his name is zheng han. and he is SICK. he told joanna that he found her body hot and sexy. and thinks she's funny and cute. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! oh man it was damn funny. and it still is. HOT and SEXY joanna. HAHAHAHHAHAHH!!!!!!! ok i thinhk i have to go bathe soon. heehee. cya!

7:24 AM


Friday, June 11, 2004

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! ok we rented bring it on 2 and love me if you dare and dead end. so now playing comp while we still can then will watch later. we went to take neoprints too! hahahah! and they sucked. REALLY. hahahah! but it was FUN! and one neoprint was dedicated to me! only me was inside. heehee. eliz has one too! oh ya. joanna just came out of the toilet and she said that she lost weight. CONGRATS. ya while we were there, eliz and i tried a damn short skirt while joanna was sitting on the floor laughing like crazy. ok there's nothing else to blogg. and last night i was thinking whether i would get married. then i concluded that i wouldn't! weeee! ok that's sad. heehee. i shall go join the spinster club. hope there are nice ppl there! heehee. ok bye!

6:18 AM


jo and eliz are at my house now. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! eliz is now MOLELESS!!!! congrats! best bet sucks. dun go watch ok. just look at the advertisement and you can already tell whether it's sucky anot.

3:07 AM


Thursday, June 10, 2004

What Name Should You Have? by Lauren

yay i'm JADE?! i would prefer tiffany ANYTIME. and seems that everyone who has done it got JADE. oh man mdm mak is super accurate?! "we are all pieces of jade" ewwwwwww.....

5:25 AM


yay!!!! tomoro i will be OCCUPIED!!!!!! as in, REALLY OCCUPIED!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! fats, you are SO going to DIE tomoro! muahahahhah!!!! and then after that jo and i are going to stay at eliz house! and we can see her moleless face! muahahahah! oh man it's going to be sooo funny! eliz you are going to die tomoro! heeheehee. anywae cant wait. and i sacrificed ALOT just to use the comp. i have to learn like 50 chengyus. crazy!!!! but it's ok. I GOT A PLAN!!!! weeeeeeeee! i'm going to sleep before my daddy comes home, so that he cant test me. now is that smart or what?! hahahahahah! even though todae was a total rotting dae..i managed to do 1000 skips!!!!!!!! hahahahah. really 1000 ok. NOT 100. NOT 10. but 1000!!!!! ok i'm bored of blogging. bye!

5:16 AM


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

back again. this hols suck like anything. training is cancelled for two weeks while other schools are training. how are we going to keep up with competition mann. and not only that.. there's nothing to do.. everyone seems to have something on.. cant go out.. stuck at home.. I"M GOING CRAZY!!!!!! but it's ok! muahahahhah. at least tomoro wont be bad! we are going to yixin's house to watch lotr. weeeeeeeeee!!! orlando bloom -drools- then we are going to look fod a job. i dunno how.. but we will. then we can earn big bucks! and then i'm going to be rich! ok lame. blardi bubbles is going to remove her mole tomoro or todae or dunno when. she's crazy!!!!!! wads wrong with her mole?! hahahhah! funny girl. i'm really really really super super duper bored now. i HOPE i wont get to learn chengyus tonight. they suck like mad.

4:44 AM


Monday, June 07, 2004

hello!!!!!! muahahahah! woke up so damn late. and my stoopit daddy forgot to change the password of the comp even though he said he will last night. so TOO BAD!!!!!!!!!! muahahhahah!!! ok i''m crazy cuz i'm bored and i'm stoning and i haven brushed my teeth. hahahahah! i wanna learn how to breakdance! weeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee! EWWWWWWW!? wad the hell is on tv?! this guy just confessed his love for one of the SHE members. YUCKS!!!!!!!!! damn damn damn mushy and disgusting. wake up larh uncle. you are like shit and you want to hook up with some hot shot. i bet they are like damn disgusted in their hearts only they dun show it. anywae i was thinking bout the sec one team. next year's c div team will be stronger then this year's so ppl out there better watch out. muahahahh. BEWARE. the c div is here to thrash you alll 5-0. but we need one more singles player. so i guess the hunt is on. better start poaching. muahahah. other then being excited for next year's c team, i guess there is nothing much. b div team for next year will be better hten this year's but not superb or anything.. oh well. but everyone is training hard i guess.. hope cindy can go for more trainins though..would help ALOT. ok i think i shall go brush my teeth. i am getting disgusted with myself. BYE!!!

9:23 PM


Sunday, June 06, 2004

day 1:
woke up at 6.45.. bathed.. took a cab to school.. then ppl started swinging me damn high..help?! then cleaned up classroom.. was so damn dusty so i kept sneezing. then had training. then had friendly with dunman high..after that.. we were all soooo tired.. practically nobody wanted to move and do anything else other then stoning..but had the vertical challenge thingy which was REALLY tiring. and the blardi smelly egg BROKE in my pocket. ewwwwww. jinny's egg broke first! muahahahhah! so funny!!!!! ya then during the briefing for the game.. we were pretty much not listening. so cindy kinduff broke down.. so feeling quite guilty bout it... ya then after that.. we died. bathed and everything.. so so so refreshing.. and our trackpants were stinking of raw eggs like mad. so sooo soooooo smelly. ya nothing really happened in the night.. just watched some videos where i could see myself playing badminton.. weeeeeeheeeeee! ya then everyone obviously wasn;t in any mood to go play or wad.. so we just prank called ppl, mostly girls, where i pretended to be some lesbo in love with them. muahahah. then got some call from some fako ah neh which until know am still unaware of the prankster. but whatever. ya so slept at around 11 plus i think..

day 2
errr.. woke up damn early. but was still late.. nobody wanted to wake up in our classroom.. so the sec threes made us run more..but everyone just accepted it and ran..so it was good... then had some attitude talk.. cuz they saw the "i hate camps" messages on the white board... ya.. becuz the first day was really horrible.. but nobody really said much.. but anywae.. had training.. pretty much the same old stuff. then we had the games.. blindfolded us.. and made us walk to the field..then made us ROLL in some vomit stuff. damn damn gross. but was SOOOOOOO fun!!!!! muahahhah! then bathed and gpt ready for night trail. ya we were supposed to go on some trail. get clues, find the place, and get more clues. anni janine and i were in the same group, with june and wenting assisting us. then we went off! and we were fast.. then ran here and there.. janine was damn smart. she just needed to read the clue and could immedietely figure out the answer.. besides, june and wenting are not good liars. even if they said "ya maybe", we could tell whether it was a yes or no.. hahhah. ya forgot to mention that nicolette got injured. the shuttle hit her eye and her contacts broke in her eye. so she had to go home. poor girl.. she was so much funnn!!! ya then potato kicked up a big fuss bout it as alwaes and wanted to cancell the camp. but too bad. muahahah. ya then we played pictionary and all.. we were very behind at first.. but we managed to catch up with the seniors! huiyu was damn damn funny in her movements, so it was very entertaining. heeheehee. had more enery this time so quite a number of us dint sleep straightaway. ya so we had some discussion bout our camping experiences.. and they were all damn funny.. so we were rolling around laughing madly. then in the end.. ruiqi anni and i moved our sleeping bags so that we could sleep together and tok.. but the location in the classroom which we were at was so blardi scary.. so we packed up and went back to our original places. hahahahhh! anni was originally sleeping next to me so we changed places so i was next to jinny.. and we moved up so that we were closer to liwen.. cuz she couldn;y sleep too.. hahahah. so we were fooling around for quite somem time.. couldn't play cards cuz some moron lost two cards from the deck. so went to sleep.. then suddenly it rained damn heavily.. hahahah. then dunno who went to take their clothes in.. but i was too sleepy..

day 3
woke up later. then did morning pt. those moronic npcc ppl woke us up. soooooo noisy?! irritating. then we had to practise our dance for the parent meet coach session. very hectic. but hte dance was so fun!!!!! then i was roped in to do some cartwheel. ya. then went for lunch and had training. mr lim came.. i played with him.. even though i kinduff got thrashed. i was HAPPYY!!!!! weeeeeeeeheeeeeee!!!!! i'm starting to move faster to the net and bend more!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! ya then we had the parent meeting session. interesting to watch.. then we performed our dance. the music kept stopping but we did well! muahahhah! it was really loads of fun. so camp was over.

after that went for dinner with jinny and becky. then went for dance night.. went home.. and then slept until 12 plus todae.

3:53 AM


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