Tuesday, April 27, 2004

my hammie hurts!

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Monday, April 26, 2004

ok just wanna write bout a thought. recently got all this crap bout jason ingham and all the evaluations of who is in the wrong. ya then i thought, why didn't the class go look for him? then i thought and thought. and i came to the conclusion that it was becuz we trusted him alot. we took him as a teacher of his word. he said he would come and we believed him. so when he dint turn up, the class thought that he COULDN"t make it. so there was no need to look for him as no matter wad he couldn't make it. we trusted him THAT much. if you think carefully, if we dint trust ingham and thought he was an irresponsible teacher, we would have thought he forgotten or just din bother, and thus we would have gone and searched for him. but we dint. so this matter is just a betrayal of trust. and we have ABSOLUTELY NO reason to trust him like we did before. so NExt time, we will just go look for him, since he is probably in some other class, or might have just forgotten about it. is this the wae we want it to be?

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

ok. i shall hereby dedicate my wonderful blogg entry to our WONDERFUL maths teacher, the ONE and ONLY jason ingham. -applause- now todae's topic is about PROMISES.
promise-> To make a declaration assuring that something will or will not be done.
yes that's wad it is. so now. wad do you call someone who breaks his/her promise? SOMEONE WHO CANNOT BE TRUSTED. even if you had your reasons, you should NOT have broke your promise. ok i think being more direct is easier. do you break your promise becuz your darling class 2/3 needs it more? and btw, i dunt need your help. the rest of the class did. so i'm just speaking up for them. ya i came into class expecting to see jason ingham teaching. but wtf?! where is he?! and everyone were obviously worried. ppl went to look for him(i think). and guess where we found in. in the midst of 2/3 kids. ok THEY NEED IT MORE THEN WE DO. let's make some evaluation from this statement. -pauses and think- WE ARE SMARTER. thanks for the indirect compliment. back to the point. no matter who needs it most, a promise is a promise. and INSTEAD of apologising, you try to find excuses to get away(sorry we tried our very BEST to believe your explanation but the one you gave us was too lame to be true) we noe you love 2/3 cuz they love you while we dunt. we want mrs ho back. you noe why sumtimes we cant finish teh lesson on time?! that's cuz you have to stop wad u are doing and stare into midair. or walk out of the class and walk back in again. ya face it. that's wad you do. and if you expect the whole entire class to just sit and listen to you in class. you are asking too much. oh so we CANT talk. we CANT take notes. and doing these things supposedly pisses you off to THAT extent. well i guess that sometimes we may take it too far. but you are overreacting and i think you need conselling or anger management. that;s my advice to you. and thank you for throwing my homework away. i knew i deserved it. but well, angel dint. wad you done was totally unfair to her. so THINK more in future, and all of us will respect you.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

todae SUCKED. thankew. had lit test and it was disastrous. i crapped till i could crap no much. and when i finished, i scanned the room. and guess wad. everyone was still writing. and they were all on their second piece of foolscap, some even third. and there i was, with not even enough words to fill a piece of paper. then earlier in the morning. after assembly, the sec ones and sec twos went to the leaking hall and listened to this reaaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy boring tok bout bio diversity. it was sooooo stupid. the speaker was practically telling us bout all the animals in the forest. and after she spoke about a diff species, she will go," this is a very very rare species. only _ are left in the forests." and while we were listening to her crap, we were sweating like nobody's business. and the air was especially humid cuz for no reason, they have to blow MIST into the air. not AIRCON. MIST. ya then todae was damn long as usual. ok needa shit. bye.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

yay and i'm typing this morning announcement thingy. ya mr chan made ALOT of amendments to it. and all the additions are abit. -ahem ahem- lame. some stuff like ahhhhhhhh. i'm going to die of embarrassment when the announcement is being read. nononon! i dint write it. i dint have anything to do with it.

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blogging is boring and hard.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

hey back. heehee. ok i noe my faults now. i need to have more responsibility and improve my attitude. it was harsh at first ok. but now i'm happy i knew. and i noe that i'm not doing well enough. so ya i will work harder. that's all. reflection is PERSONAL.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

hello. i'm back again!!!! weee hee hee! anywae. todae i dint go to skool so i could wake up late!!!!!!! weehee!!! then daddy fetched me to the physiotherapist and all. lucky physiotherapist. he got to see my ass. harharharh. he put this suction thingy on my ass larh. then after that, i could not have anymore treatment, cuz i was running late for another appointment with the sports doctor. so i went. and i waited and waited for my turn. waited for like one over hour. ya then yixin they all called me at around ten while i was waiting. cuz mrs see dint come so they were boreed and they called me. then they started to imitate all the teachers and asked me why i dint go to skool. so i went out of the clinic to tok to them. then they asked me to sing. so i sung so loudy that by the time i walked back into the clinic, my father said that everyone could hear me! so paiseh ok! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ya then saw the doctor and crapped crapped. then i bought a theraband to help strengthen my muscles. ya quite fun. then went back and slept and slept and slept. gave up studing DNA cuz the first page already made me soo depressed. wadeva! let me fail!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

hm. back. we lost our game.. oh well... mr wee dint seem happy at all. like duh. ya promise to work harder!

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Monday, April 12, 2004

muahaha! back again! todae during recess had to learn the chinese dance. it's nice but too cheem. and i'm not that type. so i cant help it if i dunt look graceful enough. at least i got the moves right. but wadeva larh. then after skool went for pt. had to wait for some ppl so come so we started playing. shooting water everywhere!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh! then we played rugby! soo violent. then nico's teddy tore! hahahahhahah!! ya we will stitch it back larh. then finally we went to run.. ran one round.. dint want to strain everybody too much.. then after that.. we played rugby again. this time with nico's wallet.. not fun anymore cuz nobody wanted to be violent. so we started taking pics! nobody was really interested in posing sexy...... so guess i was the only one.. but anywae! we had FUN!!!!!!!!!!! harharhrha! then after taking loads of pics.. we played pepsi cola! total madness! and josephine is good at it! then after that we played mr crocodile. oh man. it was damn fun even though it was really childish. but i dunt think anyone of us played it for a long time. so it was new in a wae. then after that we played AEIOU. lamo.. but still, it was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves!

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

har. back after a lllllloooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggg dae. todae was really really really really disastrous. first, woke up at 6 plus so that i could get ready for nicolette's dad to fetch me at 7 and to fetch renee at 7.05. ya and her car is sooo fun. the top can be removed ok! harharhahr! had alot of fun! ya we reached tampiness sports hall at 7.23am. some ppl were already there. ya so we got in and started stroking and blah blah blah. then at around 7.50, potato chan came asking me for the lineup form. then i was like HUH?! mr wee haven even told me the lineup yet. so i called mr wee and asked him for the lineup. and guess wad he said. he said that he was still at the kelong. and that he would call me back to discuss the lineup after he caught some fish. then i was like pleading for him to come back. then in the end, it was all a JOKE. sheesh.ya he came soon after and we gathered. so we discussed the lineup. xinyi was to play first. becky and jinny second. renee third. dorlisa and yisan fourth. me last. yups. so we did the cheer and the game started.

xinyi- she played against macey. rgs best singles. she lost but she played relatively well!

becky and jinny- they played with the damn freaking lousy pair. dunno wad the hell happened larh. but they lost. really really really couldn't help feeling helpless and frustrated. but anywae, since we were going for two doubles and one singles, the fact that they lost meant that we were gone already.

renee- played with amanda. and amanda is good. so we weren't expecting much again so we just cheered for her to lose fighting. ya and she did well! cheers!

dorlisa and yisan- they played with the better doubles. could have won if they decided to hit to the so-much-lousier player. but guess they couldn;t cuz the lousier one was in front all the time so it was hard larh. so they lost. so means that we lost the whole thing liao.

me- yups. i played with the lousiest player. this was the singles that we were supposed to win. so our lineup was GOOD. really. just that everything cocked up! but anywae, i won the first set 13-10. close ok. then the second one i lost. so we played rubber and i lost! so we lost 5-0. but i can sae that i lost FIGHTING. not just give up and sae byebye.

so time for evaluation. we, on the overall, lacked the fighting spirit and the desire to win. so that was our downfall. and from the third game onwards. ppl just dint bother to cheer anymore. and that totallly pissed me off. hello?! i know you lost your game but that does not mean you can just sit at one corner and sulk. you are not the only one upset. but your teammate is playing and would really appreciate your support. ok got that off my chest.

but anywae, wads done is done. so will now look forward to the match against st nicks. hope we will get our fighting spirit back. and really really really support those who were playing. yups.

anywae. after the match, we all went to tampiness mall to eat. so we were debating whether we should go to macs or food court. ya food court won. ya. then while we were eating. i hid nicolette's wallet right in front of her and she dint see. i hid it under my shirt. then she was soon searching all over, ransacking our bags and all the rubbish larh. then i let the wallet show abit. and she MISSED IT AGAIN. oh man. then i couldn;t take it anymore. so i asked her to look away. she did and i put it right in front of her on the table. then she turned back and started looking around. missing the wallet that was right in front of her AGAIN. then FINALLY. she looked down and saw it. then she started whacking me really really really painfully. it was like PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK!

anywae. after that went to the mrt station. that was when we started fooling around. pushing each other! sooo painful and shocking ok. then they stole liwen;s ezlink card and she still managed to pass through to the mrt without realizing that she dint have her ezlink. harharhahr! then anni realised that her racket was missing. but it was actually hidden in dorlisa's bag.

we got on the train and all of us had seats. ya opposite each other. then we started playing zhong ji mi ma. ya the forfeit was to do pole dancing. renee won the jackpot and she did it. really really funny. then the next round becky got it. so we made her stick her face on the window and make stoopit faces. damn damn funny again. then the third round nicolette kena. then we dared her to go to anyone and sae,"excuse me i like your shirt where did you buy it from?!" and she really went up to this girl and asked without hesitation! good sport man! harharharh! but we were really embarrassed. sooo funny ok. ya the train soon got crowded so we stopped playing that and played passing the message instead. i started with " i went to the market and bought some long beans. and in the end, we ended up with,' renee, yisan and delphine went to 7-11 to buy condoms! ahrharharh! ok then we got off at city hall and changed. then we got off at newton. then we were pushing around again when we realised the bus was cumin so we cheonged. ya we got up and saw seniors and barker. harharharh. nothing much. but mr aman was there! and he said hi! harharhrh! anywae shaun pang;s hair was damn scary. delphine was super shocked. madness. ya then duno who went to hide ruiqi's card then she was asking back for it in the bus. then we started speaking in hokkien. then this mad guy was listening to us and laughing. then we were freaked out. then when more ppl boarded the bus, he dint move to the back. instead he stayed so that he could keep hearing us. it was freaky ok. then when we reached back to skool, we realised that ruiqi lost her ezlink. everyone thought it was with someone else. harharh!

when we got back to skool, mr wee was waiting for us, he gave us a tok bout our attitudes and all. ya wad he said was true. we got to have that fighting spirit. ya so we got back to train and huifen was going to help us. ya we did drills and all. quite fun.

then after that becky and i went for outside training. another coach came. and we did 1.6 km of run. i like this coach better then the other one. yups. so maybe i'll quit and join him. or quit and join sun bin's. yups.

then went home and had dinner and now blogging. this is LONG. bb. hope things will turn out fine.

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Friday, April 09, 2004

oh sheesh. fuhua ppl are going to watch our match tomoro. and guess wad. i dunno who;s who. and i dunt like it when outsiders come watch. i really really dunt! sucky. so not looking forward for tomoro. why can they just mind their business. oh man i will just die if they ever ever ever find their wae to my blogg. sheesh. just dunt understand the irony. are they just overly enthu bout badminton or wad? oh well....... hmm slept in the afternoon.. till bout 7? then during this period, potato chan called me. harharharh. dunt dare call him back. hmm. had dinner(which was noodles btw). had no taste at all. wish it was saltier! harharharh. oh ya. just remembered i better start calling ppl up. make sure who;s going to the mrt and who's going to tampiness by themselves. might as well go now. since noone is online anywae. ciao.

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harharharh! i;m back again! anywae. i'm stoning at home. playing solitare with eunice!!!!!!!! ahahhahahaha. madness. just watched alot alot alot of tv. losing like siao to eunice liao..she;s so damn fast at it..like some bullet train. anywaes, tomoro we are playing with rgs..-pray pray pray- mr wee smsed me to sae that todae;s good fridae so i should be a good girl and pray hard that i will play well tomoro.. he;s funny!!!!!! harharhahrar! i dunno whether he;s really going fishing tonight anot.. oh well.. i want jason to visit my blogg! harharharh! piss off jason. stop throwing my homework into the dustbin! anywae. i have the right to express my feelings cuz this is my blogg. back to the point. i'm really really really nervous bout tomoro.. i dunno why.. i noe i shouldn't expect to win or anything but i just want all of us to fight REAL hard and cheer for one another..is that alot to ask for?! the point is, we alwaes underperform. ya me included. it;s either becuz we are nervous and dunt have the guts to slam the shuttle down or just plain complacency. besides, we have been training and running so darn hard that it's time our efforts really really paid off. anywae.. thinking on the bright side, we managed to get so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!! hmm. last night kelly smsed me to tell me that i got a 74 for the chinese test. harharharh. we copied openly. so i dint deserve the marks. ya heard some peeps were unhappy with it. so wadeva. just wont do it again. anywae alex teo helped me too. so dun get pissed off with kelly. she;s just too kind to resist helping a pathetic girl with lousy chinese. so it;s my fault cuz i asked her for help. she;s feeling super super bad bout it when the matter is not even blown up. silly girl. oh man i;m dying!!!!!!!!! i;m multi tasking like crazy now!!!!!! blah blah blah blah blah.. trying to make this entry longer longer longer longer. my sis keeps listening to the same songs! ahhh so irritating! replay replay replay replay! totally infuriating. anywaes my mum is telling me now how she has been praying for me..so sweet ok. maybe if she starts praying now till tomoro, god will be touched. there can be miracles, when you believe harharhar! this is soo pessimistic.

12:02 AM


Thursday, April 08, 2004

hello!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man. back after many many many donkey months. heeehee. anywae. todae we played against xinmin and we thrashed them okkkk. renee fought and won!! yay! good job. tomoros good fridayy! harharharh!

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