Friday, March 25, 2005

just came home. long day man.

went to changi airport with kelly, huiling, szeying, huizhuang and jiali.. it was so funny! and the food there is really cheap. we had some ban mian then we had dessert. we took the skytrain and it was quite fast and quite scary. hahah. after that we went to huizhuang's house to swim. in the end, only huiling huizhuang and i went down. jiali kelly and szeying were too lazy and were too occupied with the guitar. yeah so we swam and i realised that i'm such a slow swimmer. huizhuang and huiling will be like 5m in front of me and then they will turn behind and wait for me, causing me to laugh in the water so i ended up choking quite abit. yeah then after some swimming my knee started acting up again so we went to the baby pool where kelly szeying and jiali joined us with the guitar and they sang some shit song while kelly strummed and it sounded quite funny. yeah then after swimming we went back to the house with goldie(huizhuang's cute golden retriever) where we changed and got ready to go! yeah i was staying over at huizhuang's so we sent the rest to the mrt and the both of us went to west mall where we went to the arcade and just goofed around. then we went to the supermarket where we just waited for 9.30pm to come so that we could buy sushi for half the price. but we were a little late so most of the nice yummy stale sushi were already taken by kiasu mothers. yeah then we got back. and we cooked jelly. and we left them to cool. it was already 10.15pm when we wore our exercising attire and we went down to use the gym. we ran ran and cycled cycled and did situps. i ran 4 km! yeah so i already ran 3 tims this week. at about 11.30pm, we went back where we saw our nice jelly cool and it tasted quite sick cuz the jelly was apple flavoured and we put in mango cubes so it dint really work well. brushed teeth, washed face. then went into the room where we just talked and talked and talked and talked until 4 am!

woke up at 11. went to swim again. this time we swam 10 laps. then my mummy came to fetch me and huizhuang to my house where i changed to get ready to go out with my family and cousins to some farm thing.on the way to the farm, we dropped huizhuang for her table tennis trg at maris stella. yeah we went to the farm and it was quite boring. saw some dogs for sale and i was feeling sad because my mother is so firm about not letting me have a dog. SO i settled for two fishes which we named rainbow and butterfly. but there is a problem though, we dunt know which is rainbow and which is butterfly. but anyway, it started to rain so we left for jurong ice skating rink. yeahhh. i was sleeping in the car cuz i was so tired and my cousin kept irritating me so i was super pissed so when we reached jurong east i decided to just stay in the car and sleep. yeah it was like a sauna. so hot and sweaty and everything. yeah so i slept till about 8pm then i lef t the car to go look for them. so we left jurong at about 10.30 and we reached home at about 11. just put rainbow and butterfly into their new home and fed them with loads of fishfood. maybe they'll die tomorrow.

tomorrow there's a hsk talk from 8.45 to 1 which is the whole of trg so i'm feeling sad. i have my period. irregular!

7:19 AM


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

i was so tired i dint go to school today. to think i rushed my passionata speech last night! sigh i should have gotten more people to pon but the prob is that i only decided not to go this morning and that nobody will wanna pon lah. i wont be able to go to joyce's house today cuz i dunt dare to cuz if i tell my daddy he will scold me for not going to school and going to my friend's house which is damn far away. today is a great day to pon! it's like an elongated holiday cuz tomorrow's good friday. plus the weekends, i have 4 days of freedom!

goodness. i have a serious stomachache. i did not pon school today. I HAD A SERIOUS STOMACHACHE. blah at least i dun have gastric pains. those are the worst.

erm people reading this. pls go read denyse's blog. she's damn funny pls!

7:07 PM


I AM BACK TO BITCH ABOUT HWEELENG. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! please man. she is always late for lessons cause of some meeting and she dares give us such comments! and pls lah. all her comments are damn screwed pls!

Tiffany is very weak in Chemistry. She needs to work very diligently and consistently in understanding concepts taught. how does she know? i dunt participate in class so how does she know i dunt understand. besides, my homework always full marks thanks to people who are "generous". and how does she know that people are "generous"?!?

Yihong has done consistently well for her assignments. Keep up the good work. yihong owes her homework! UNFAIR!!!!!!

ok i'm not done yet. the next one is damn funny. pls grab hold of your seats.


i'm not lying man. this is what she typed. she's like so super direct that i think we should be direct to her too by telling her how much she needs exercise.

quote yihong.
: : .` [comment: "yihong is a TEACHABLE student who LACKS CONFIDENCE n DETERMINATION"-NICE] tootyfruitie.blogspot.com says:
. : : .` [comment: "yihong is a TEACHABLE student who LACKS CONFIDENCE n DETERMINATION"-NICE] tootyfruitie.blogspot.com says:

to make matters worse, she comes in to class late for about an average of 5 mins every lesson AND asks us what class we are AND NEVER FAILS to REPEAT what she REPEATED the lesson BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE and BEFORE. in ADDITION, after coming in 5 mins late, she spends the next 10 mins writing what she needs to achieve during the lesson on the white board and then continues to say,"if i dunt write, i cant remember!" mrs yeo, we dunt quite get you. you can remember that i suck in chemistry and that yihong has no determination and that baona has NO CONCEPT OF ACCURACY, IS ILLOGICAL, AND WORKS TERRIBLE IN GROUPS but you simply cant remember the simplest most important things that you should remember: the name of our class, YOUR lesson plan.

madam tooty head, you are very weak as you cant make it to class on time. You also need to work more dilligently on your memory and not forgetting to mention, your not so thin arms. i hope you have the determination to improve.

i am not mean pls!

blind hweeleng says:
blind hweeleng says:
go blogg about her too!
. : : .` [comment: "yihong is a TEACHABLE student who LACKS CONFIDENCE n DETERMINATION"-NICE] tootyfruitie.blogspot.com says:
. : : .` [comment: "yihong is a TEACHABLE student who LACKS CONFIDENCE n DETERMINATION"-NICE] tootyfruitie.blogspot.com says:
. : : .` [comment: "yihong is a TEACHABLE student who LACKS CONFIDENCE n DETERMINATION"-NICE] tootyfruitie.blogspot.com says:
blind hweeleng says:
blind hweeleng says:
. : : .` [comment: "yihong is a TEACHABLE student who LACKS CONFIDENCE n DETERMINATION"-NICE] tootyfruitie.blogspot.com says:


i seriously feel that yihong and i have a great deal of chemistry between us. (pun intended)

ps. i hope your infared lamp is still working, mrs ye0.

5:05 AM


ran 2.1 today. went for peer tutoring. spilled sauce on my uniform. saw jieying at the mrt station. she was wearing a mgs uniform for the fun of it and was going to anderson jc to appeal. yeah she lives alone at this jurong flat where she rents a room for 400 bucks a month and her landlord is this pervertic 40++ man. but luckily for her, there are other tenants lah. yeah then talked and talked in the train. then she left. then shermaine and i alighted at bishan stop. and while she was walking out, she proclaimed,"eh tiffany i just read the testimonial you wrote for me a long time ago. you said something about holes. what did you mean ah?" and then i went on to say,"your earholes, tongueholes and bellyholes lor. you got so many what!" THEN, she started LAUGHING and LAUGHING. "i was bluffing you lah! you mean you actually believed?!" i have been cheated for the past 2 years to believe that she actually had loads of earholes and TONGUE holes and belly holes. we were on the bus together when we were sec 1 and she showed me the underside of her tongue which had two popped up dots and then said that it used to be two tongue holes. i was so amused pls! fast forward to today, i then asked,"what about the things under your tongue??!?!?" "please lah, you have them too lor!!" that was when i realised she was REALLY bluffing me. hahahah. i won't believe you so easily anymore shermaine!
now i'm typing passionata speech. blah.

4:18 AM


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

today huizhuang and i were very obviously feeling the effects of our 39 plate escapade. our bulging stomachs were bursting out of our skirts during practically all our lessions. man we had chemistry with hweeleng and we almost died pls. and halfway during the lesson, she was saying that she couldn't get our attention. even huanzhu was chattering lah. yeah then we had social studies and then we had physics with ghim lian again. we got back our test and i failed! then was recess then was geography! then after that i went back to class to sleep and sleep since miss ong did not come and the next next period was lunch! yeah then had maths at the computer lab. the new computers are so nice. ok then was SIA, which we spent in the lab. we weren't doing sia but were instead checking out the vcd that jiali brought to school! oh man guess what it was! -drumroll- it was money not enough! hahahahah! yeah apparently huizhuang acted inside so we were desperately looking for her scene but she dint appear. maybe she's lying:) ok then had training which was not so tough and not so nice today. good friday is coming! holi holiday!

7:45 PM


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